My, My, How Interesting....

Well, we owe another round of applause to my friend from over at the University. He's done it again... I've added this link to my list of Things That Puzzle Me (for your ongoing enjoyment) and you'll need to plan on spending a few minutes here. And yes, you may need a little white hanky or at least a couple of Kleenex. At least I did. But I'm funny that way... sometimes I just laugh at the thoughts inside my head and that can make people nervous occasionally. It must go back to the only-child thing...years of experience entertaining myself....(sometimes crawling under a table while the grown-ups talk and talk and talk, just like my little friend did last week).

Oh! I've digressed something horribly! Here's the link: Strange Christian Products & Signs. You will need to scroll down just a little bit. Go down to the picture of the two plastic nuns. Enjoy....?

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