Take Me Out of the Ballpark

We were delighted to take friends out to the game last night. Our seats were fabulous and it was a gorgeous evening here in Sunny. I sent a couple of photos to JJ and a friend. "Wow, good seats!" was the ever-so-envious reply from JJ who is still off in the bitter cold wilderness of the Midwest.

About the sixth inning, the seats just across the aisle were freshly-occupied by two men that I thought were just horribly late. "Hey Joe," said one. "Can you see me on t.v.?" as he phoned his buddy. "Yep, I'm right behind home plate. We stole these seats." They'd also spilled an entire beer all over the floor within two minutes. The game went into more innings, so we had the lovely aroma for about an hour. It appeared to be a game to see how many of their friends could come occupy these seats and each new friend splashed the beer soup with their shoes.

As we sat there enjoying the fireworks after the game, I was oh-so-happy that these men had finally left. I suppose they were off to find Joe somewhere nearby.

Walking up the steps to the lobby, I was once again dismayed to see all the garbage (imagine it with a French accent) in the seats and covering the floor. Why do so many seemingly intelligent, thoughtful, polite and wonderful Americans feel it is all right to treat a ball park like an over sized trash can?

I don't get it. Any thoughts?

But I'm sure ~ we'll be back in a few weeks. And I'll sing along in the 7th inning stretch and cheer for the home team...


Beth E. said...

Unfortunately, I have no clue why people think it's okay to leave things in such a mess. I wonder the same thing about our church kitchen!!! I believe I've told you (or perhaps you read it on my blog) that I work at our church. Anyway, I walk through the fellowship hall and kitchen on my way to my office each morning. The mess that is left at times absolutely floors me! If you have thoughts on THAT, let me know!

I'm glad you had a good time at the game. I love to go to baseball games! :o)

Hop over to my blog to see what our oldest boys been doing...sheesh!


sister sheri said...

hmmm... thoughts to ponder!