It's Finally Here

Things will be a bit slow around "Grace Today" for the next week. I hope you'll understand. DJ and I will be heading out on the American Airlines jumbo liner soon for our trip out to the Midwest. The jumbo liner will take us as far as Dallas, and then we'll have time for lunch at the wonderful DFW airport. In Dallas we'll board a slightly smaller aircraft to go to Missouri.

We're so proud of our JJ. He and Honey, as well as Honey's sister, will be walking through the graduation line. I suppose I should pack a hankie or two... I've already ordered the DVDs of the two ceremonies. Thankfully I won't have to hold the camcorder.

We'll appreciate your saying a prayer or two for Max while we're away. He'll be staying with friends and snuggling on their sofas for a few nights. He likes them, so we're hoping it will be just as much fun as sleepovers for the Cub Scout troops.

I promise to take some fun photos and post them as soon as we return. And then the real fun begins...the wedding bells are getting all tuned up for June.


much2ponder said...

Hello, I just popped over here from another blog and spend a little time reading. Sounds like you are headed to a graduation and then a wedding? Wow! You will be busy.

Beth E. said...

Oh, my...definitely pack the hankies! Congratulations to JJ!

It's gonna be a really busy time in your home over the next couple of months! We'll need details of all the events leading to - and including - the wedding. You've got to prepare the rest of us for what's ahead when OUR kiddos get married! Makes me tear up just to think about it...now I need a hankie!

Have a great trip!

Beth E.

sister sheri said...

What fun! Have a great time... hankie and all!

Daughter of Zion said...

Go and have a good time.......

Jenny said...

I came across your site while surfing mommy sites and I like it. I'm bookmarking you for visiting again. I also invite you to drop by my site for visit as well. :) Hope to see you there.