What Will Be, Will Be...

It's been raining here and the skies are somewhat gloomy today. And Max is not happy. He's staying right by my feet and seems to want me to pick him up ~ unless I actually try to pick him up!

DJ thinks he may be feeling some earthquake trembling that we can't sense. Could be. I try not to think about earthquakes too often.

I grew up in Tornado Alley. That's my kind of natural disaster... If it gets you, it gets you, no preparation will help much. If it's not after you, you'll be fine. The drills in Elementary School were fun, too. We hid under our desks like little mice hiding from a large cat. We were supposed to stay quiet, but I think that was just the teachers' idea. I don't think quietness affects an F-5.

If you're at home when one is coming, you're supposed to go get in the bathroom and stay away from windows unless you have a tornado shelter. We had one of those, but it was pretty creepy. It was not stocked well at all. Just spiders and darkness. I was very jealous when I watched "Blast from the Past." That was a cool shelter! Remember "Twister?" I don't think you'd be too safe in any room of the house if a tornado was coming right for you. But that's just my opinion.

Earthquakes or tornadoes...both are great reminders to be prepared for leaving anytime. The best is yet to come, regardless...


Beth E. said...

AMEN...hoping you have a very happy, blessed Easter!

Now that I've got tornadoes and earthquakes in my head, pray that I won't have nightmares about them!!! LOL

Grace said...


Just remember the glorious earthquake when the stone was rolled away!


Beth E. said...

Hallelujah! :o)

Angela said...

I too always think of Jesus on the Cross when i think of Earth Quakes and temples splitting!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Have you seen some of the damage from today's tornado in Tenn.? Too awful to consider. God bless them.

Happy Easter, friend.


Daughter of Zion said...

You write so beautifully.

That reminder of the loony family in Blast from the past brought a huge smile to my face.