Some Days It's Hard to Wait

Do you ever find yourself just dreaming about our next life? It's cloudy here today, and for some reason, clouds bring heaven and all my family there to my mind. I imagine they're having pancakes, laughing, rejoicing, watching and loving all of us.

Although, they may still have to do laundry. I can't seem to find laundry duty listed in the Bible. Eating is mentioned there, as well as talking and maybe dancing. Heavenly dancing... hmm, I wonder if it has to be choreographed.

Until then... we'll wait to know. And we'll have so many answers. Answers to questions we probably haven't even considered.

Any ideas are welcome as comments....


elizabeth embracing life said...

I think it'll be one big hodown. You know we all gather, the potluck tables already full, kis laughing and playing jacks and everyone just dancing and having a ball kicking up our hears. I am not even a western type. And then Jesus...walking through the crowds tipping his hat "...howdy there...you look more beautiful than ever...I love you, and I love you and you over there come here, sit on my lap, how old are you?" And everyone stops dancing because the Almighty is in the House. Woot!! Woot!! p.s. love the smiling song on your sight.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

like if there's gummy bears in heaven. I sure hope so. I've just downed a bag!

PS: I think you're pretty great yourself.

Beth E. said...

Oh, nooo...there CAN'T be laundry duty...that would be h-e-double hockey sticks, NOT heaven! Say it ain't so! :-p

Goodnight, Gracie...