An Ocean View

We met at the Gliderport yesterday morning to say goodbye to a dear friend, Anne-Marie. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and just the perfect temperature. No breeze, no wind, not too hot, just delightful.

Anne-Marie lived an amazing life and the hillside was full of friends who'd gathered together. It all started with a pancake breakfast outside. We were a teeny bit late, so we didn't get to enjoy the yummy treats. The next item on the agenda was an opportunity to share memories of her. They had a microphone set up and the host was a nice gentleman who wore a white shirt. I don't know his name, but he looked familiar.

The stories were sweet. Our friend was a bit of a rebel who also loved life dearly. She'd been a career flight attendant and flew small aircraft as well for the adventure of it all. Her husband, Michael, brought along their dog and she seemed very interested in all the stories and did a great job of staying by her papa.

We were able to release little packs of Anne-Marie's ashes out on to the hillside. It was a lovely grassy, flower-filled sight. And right as we began, a plane flew over us releasing most of her spirit into the sky. Two parachute jumpers began descending on us at the same time. There were toasts made, and cheers for her life right as a Scotsman began playing bagpipes in the middle of the field.

I hope Anne-Marie was able to see the love there. And I pray she has found another beautiful seashore to observe her Michael and their loved ones here.

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Beth E. said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend, Ann-Marie!