On My Street, He Lives on My Street

We just received a lovely directory and map of the homes in our new neighborhood watch area. I'm always impressed when someone takes time to do something really well, with lots of detail and spells things the correct way.

I glanced through the list, of course primarily to see if our names were there and they had them listed properly, and who do you think lives on our block? Mr. Rogers. Mr. Fred Rogers to more exact. My heart skipped a beat.

And then I realized that, sadly, that dear Mr. Rogers lives in the heavenly neighborhood now.

I may do a bit of spying on this man anyway. Just to see if he arrives home in a suit and comes out to get his mail after he puts on a blue cardigan and slippers.


Beth E. said...

Would you be mine...could you be mine...won't you be my neighbor?!:o)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I watched him everyday, thinking he would never make the time cut to get those shoes back on and tied! What a guy...

Happy weekend, friend.


sister sheri said...

What a dear he was!