Max - 1, Coyote - 0

"They're Baaaaccckkk!" Oh dear, it's that time of year again. Sunday night was the first time we'd heard the yipping, yowling and barks of the pack. The neighborhood dogs were united in their barking as well. We didn't see them then, but we knew they had taken up residence once more.

DJ will keep the large flashlight by the door where it will remain until the fall. He may set up the hut for tracking them with his BB gun soon, too. No ~ we've never actually done that. But JJ suggests it each year. "Come on, Dad. Let's get some straw hats, set up our chairs and chew on some hay. We can scare 'em away."

We didn't hear the familiar barking, yipping or yapping here last night. But Max heard them. And he took off in pursuit. Our little snugly critter who is petrified of the leaves from the eucalyptus tree as he hears them land on the roof of our family room. The one who also jumps in my lap when he hears the wind blowing or sees the rain falling, yes, he's the one who takes off to patrol the bushes.

I know they're God's creatures too, but I would be happy to see them all move out to the desert nearby...


elizabeth embracing life said...

I guess you could say great for backround noise you kind of get use to.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Runner Mom recently got attacked by a coyote while out on a trail run. Talk about rustic! That's just bizarre. We've got them too, but haven't heard them as of yet. I carry my pepper spray with me everytime I go out. Don't know if it will help me, but the choking smell might send them running.

A gun won't fit in the pocket; besides, I'm pretty sure I'd have an accident should I carry one.


Beth E. said...

We have bears here...coyotes sound scary, too! I confess that neither are part of my abundant living!!! LOL

I believe I'll just stay in at night.

Stay safe...