No Joke!

"Howdy Neighbor!" We had our first Neighborhood Watch meeting last night. There have been a few close calls lately and one home was broken into during the daytime while the owners were home. Along with our prowler situation last October, it seemed only right to attend the meeting.

There were four uniformed policemen there as well as the nice gal who led the meeting. She didn't have a gun, but she was wearing a lovely embroidered polo shirt that told us she was a Crime Prevention Specialist. I left with a nice magnet for the fridge that says the name of the police department in large print, but has the phone number in a much smaller font with red type on black print. We're also planning on getting a "Beware of Dog" sign for our house at their encouragement. Our neighborhood will also receive several brand new signs to let people know we're watching them.

About ten minutes before the meeting was over, a home security alarm went off just a few doors down. It was priceless watching the policemen as they decided to go check it out. I guess normally it would be up to the security company to respond... The policemen came back a few minutes later ~ everything must have been fine on our street in Sunny. Hopefully, it will stay that way.


elizabeth embracing life said...

Okay S, in light of your blog I must confess this is just an April fools. I must go back to my blog and confess my act of silliness. There is a part 2 to my comment on FB. I am glad that you have organized a neighborhood awareness.

Anonymous said...

awe, yes- I have been victim to several of E's stories- gets me every (almost) time! :O)

Beth E. said...

Beware of Dog...Hmmm...I wonder if your dog is as vicious as ours? Our Blondie is all bark, but NO bite! LOL

Stay safe in Sunny!

sister sheri said...

Was this a coincidence with Elizabeth?