YouTube - Danny Boy

YouTube - Danny Boy

Absolutely the best rendition you will ever find by my favorite singers - the Muppets. This is what my brain does with music when I need an escape....
Max just does not understand why Mama is laughing so hysterically!
Here's a big thank you to my good friend over at the University for sending me this link today! You're the best friend EVER!


Anonymous said...

Loved it!! LOL

Angie said...

That was absolutely hilarious! I loved it! (at work listening when you start laughing loud--might not be the best thing!) But I needed that this morning!!!
Thank you too, Grace for your sweet comment on my LWG post this morning. No, it wasn't Candy Land...but the Lord sure has been good, amid all the problems that arise in one's life! He's still good.

Kentucky Bound said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you soooo much for sharing that video. I was in desperate need of a good belly laugh and you, my dear friend from the land of blog, gave me just what the doctor ordered!