Best of the Irish to Ye!

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, as well! Here's hoping you'll find your pot o' gold, drive all the snakes from your yard, have more Irish fiddle music than you can stand, some Irish soda bread, and corned beef for dinner with a big baked potato on the side. This is not the day to start a diet. Go on - top your potato with cheddar cheese. And use real butter on the soda bread. That's the way St. Patrick would want it...

I've always loved this holiday. I am a little bit Irish, really, probably about one-sixteenth (just enough to count). I had rented a 'lovely Irish movie' for us this weekend. DJ suffered in silence - mostly. It had far too much Cieli band music, not too much of a plot, and let's just say it was not right up there with Brigadoon (one of my personal favorites)! However, I loved it as it was filmed in Ireland and had the most beautiful scenery. DJ does not select movies for their beautiful scenery. Nope, not at all. But he was a good sport and I'll try to act interested next time Terminator one, two or three is on....

As I need to get off to helping St. Paddy turn our milk a kelly green, start baking our soda bread, and looking for our pot of gold out back, I'll leave with this anonymous Irish blessing for you and yours:

If God sends you down a stony path, may He give you strong shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Love that quote and oh so true.
Happy St. Patty's to you...I'm not irish, but hubby is :o)