I'm So Very Honored

I've just received my first bloggy award, "The Royal Banana" for blog yumminess. Thank you to Beloved MaMa for bestowing this special honor. I do not share her talent for making monkey noises at will; however, I often draw monkey faces on the side of my hand to create a little puppet when needed. I tend to keep small finger puppets in my car or purse just for fun. You never know when you may need to entertain friends....

And now, please let me announce the next recipient of this bloggy award.
Please tap your laps together and let's have a drum roll for: The Leaking Window who is way too crafty, honest and sweet. These are delightful attributes, eh!

Once again, thank you most sincerely, Beloved Mama. You made my day.


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Thank you for stopping by my new dessert blog and I'm so glad you liked it.

Congratulations on the Royal Banana Award. (I'm the one who gave it to Beloved Mama. ;-)) Now I'm off to visit The Leaking Window. You make it sound like a great blog.

Kentucky Bound said...

Congratulations! Keep the yummy posts coming!


Amy said...

I've tagged you on my blog, if you're not too busy, you know - accepting awards & stuff ;) then pop on over & pass along the tag!

sister sheri said...

Oh, Grace! It truly is beyond words to read about yourself on someone else's blog! I am so glad we have "met"! Thanks for the honor... and the words of affirmation!