Just Right

In honor of our upcoming Easter festivities, I'd like to share my favorite piece of art from our dining room. Can you see it clearly? If not, just go ahead and enlarge it. There's no extra charge for that today.

My father was an amazing artist. I found this pastel piece a few years ago in a box. He'd had a box of artwork he did in school (middle school, high school and later) that I had never ever seen. Now, I was a 'late' baby, so these drawings and paintings stood the test of time. My estimate is this piece was done in 1932. Wow! Mother thought I was being most silly, in the truest since of silliness, when I told her I was framing this "Ham." But it just suits us.

When we have good friends over for dinner, I can sit at our table and just imagine my dad smiling. I see him smiling that I've invited friends over to eat food that I've cooked (yes another soon-to-come post certainly), smiling that DJ has done such a great job building our home and most of all, smiling that I put that silly old drawing of a ham in a frame with a beautiful mat around it. And yes, Mom thought it was just a perfect addition to our home, too. But she's definitely far too busy in heaven to be checking in on us.....


Lelia Chealey said...

Thank you for you encouraging comment on my blog regarding my teen daughter. :)
I LOVE this picture. All the pics in my house are personal...made by my kids. I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a happy Easter and I love this son now playing!!! I heard Andrea Bocceli and Josh Grobin sing THE PRAYER together and it was amazing...David Foster accompanied them...WOW!!!