Almost Easter!

If you haven't noticed...it's almost Eastertime! The candy's on sale, the bunnies are showing up in the stores, and Hallmark is set for Spring.

This photo was taken last year of our Master Max and his little cousin. Last night we got together for a family birthday and Master Max was not at all sure if he wanted any of the cousins to pet him and we all knew his puppy cousin, Miss Mercedes, would have been far happier if Master Max had stayed home. What a hoot! (That's a good Oklahoma term.)

At one point during the evening, this little guy came into the living room sobbing his poor little heart out. I wondered if one of Gramma's teapots had fallen off the fridge and bumped him in the head, but he looked just fine. No obvious injuries....then he held up his hand. (Oh, for a camera!) He had black olives on four of his fingers and was just heart-sick that there weren't anymore olives to take care of the rest. Priceless!

We spent a good deal of time looking at old family photos. I think God may have given us birthdays to take a day and remember. Remember the hard times you've come through, the good times you've shared and how much your family means to you.

Someday --- when he's all grown up and in love, we'll have a story to tell the littlest one's girlfriend. I'm sure there will be a big bowl of black olives on the table at his wedding reception.

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splash said...

Cute memory!