Dog Days

Here she is....we need a drum roll! It's our fierce little cousin, Miss Mercedes. Can you see the fire in those eyes? Can you believe it --- seven pounds of total steel, yes, total steel! Of course, when she's in her mama's lap, all is right with her world and there is peace. (At least until Mama rises.)

These photos are from our recent trip to Gramma & Grandpa's house. I'm not at all sure why Miss Mercedes was willing to miss out on this action. While the tiny moppette was resting, Miss Lexus had gone to find her mama, and Master Max was not going to miss a trip bounding up the stairs for anything. (We only have four steps at our house, so there's no challenge there at all.) After two trips up and down, these happy cousins decided to go see if Grandpa had any treats. That's the most fun they can find at Gramma & Grandpa's house --- that and annoying Miss Mercedes. I hear Miss Lexus has started throwing her across the room by her long white hair. That will show her for only growing to seven pounds, eh!

What fun! Isn't it sad when you meet people who don't enjoy either cats or dogs in their house? I know, I know, there are all sorts of reasons why some folk don't have pets, but it still makes me sad to hear about it.

Do you think we'll have pets in heaven? I think we'll eat, laugh and play there. So I'm guessing "Yes." Why would God make little (and large) critters for us to consider part of our families here and not have them there? Now, now, please don't give me your heavy theological thoughts in the "thoughtful remarks" box. I don't want heaviness - I want to dream about seeing Master Max, Miss Lexus, Miss Mercedes and all my previous snuggle pals chasing balls up some super heavenly high staircases. Maybe that's what Master Max is dreaming of too when his legs start going at top speed during his afternoon nap...


Anonymous said...

Animal Theology 101: There will not be cats in heaven, only dogs... Cats are way too stubborn and don't listen to anyone!!!!

Amy said...

Hoping dear daughter gets over her dog allergy soon & we can once again have 4-legged friends!

Thanks for entering my little giveaway & for being a faithful guest!


Anonymous said...

beans up the nose, puppet hands, pictures with the mascott, truly a PK...just don't teach the kiddos any of your antics...on second thought...perhaps you can teach them a bit of the fun and how not to takes one's self to seriously!!! :o)
Thanks for the laugh AND I loved the pics...keep sending them my way!!!

Anonymous said...

pics as in pictures not picks as in beans in the nose LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Animals in heaven....of course! What would heaven be without the ones we love so dear! After all, haven't we been telling all our little ones for years that their beloved deceased pets are in heaven. (wink,wink)