Not Our Universal!

JJ and Honey, 2007
When I was a little girl, our family didn't go to movies. Actually both my parents were pretty convinced that wasn't a good use of time or money for the better part of their lives. Of course, when television came along and then movie rentals arrived...well, watching movies on the t.v. was certainly allowed. We just couldn't go to them. But I'm not going toward that whole 'don't cause your brother to stumble' debate today. We're just so sad to hear of the fire at Universal Studios.

We have great family memories of visits to the park through the years. One of us was completely petrified the first time the shark rose up out of the water inches away from our faces... One of us was picked to be part of the Star Trek adventure and just thrilled --- only to find out they would be in an enclosed box on stage. (I will not say who was so sad not to be acting in the 'good lighting'...) And then there was the first time we saw the courthouse and town square area used in the Back to the Future movies and so many others. Oh, my.... it truly is sad to realize so much was lost in the fire today.

I'm sure they'll rebuild lots of it. But we'll all know it's not the original New York street set when they re-create it. Just like we all knew it wasn't really King Kong inside that attraction. But we all held on just a little bit tighter when we rounded that turn now, didn't we!

We don't go to the movies much anyway; we wait for them to come out on Blu-Ray so we can watch on our system with the surround sound at home with our popcorn that will never taste as good as the stuff in the theaters. But thinking of the magic of Hollywood --- the only phrase that comes to mind right now is: "Thanks for the Memories!"


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

That is sad and I've never even been there. We love movies around our house even though hubby and I don't get out to them much these days but thankfully dvd's are there to entertain us. What a cute little cat in that bird bath. Aren't they funny? I'm still missing my Sammy. I really hope he returns but found out a neighbor is missing there's also and I wonder if someone is up to no good or if they came across a dangerous night creature. Which makes me even sadder. :(
Hoping your week goes great and that it's Sunny in your neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

How did this happen? I was just talking about Universal with someone the other day...stating that I had never been...I guess I never will :o(

StitchinByTheLake said...

Each time we lose one of our special people or special places I think we grieve a part of our childhood or young family life. When Elvis died I was totally bereft for days and days! And I'm not an Elvis fanatic. :) We want our memories to remain intact but somehow we tie our memories to a place or a picture or a scent we remember. If I thought Jergens Lotion was going to quit making their "Original" scent, which my grandmother always wore, I'd probably carry a picket sign in front of their factory!