Just a Trip to the Store

We only needed a few things. Just some ice-cream, a gift bag, some milk and maybe a movie... I grabbed my handy-dandy insulated bag for the market covered with cute Hawaiian flowers from Trader Joe's and JJ asked, "Can't we just go to Vons? Right next door to the movie store?" "Sure," I said. "Well, will they let you use a Trader Joe's bag?" "Sure, it's just a bag."

We happily agreed on a movie in record time. I had a coupon so that always lifts one's spirit. I put the DVD in the large insulated Trader Joe's bag for convenience. We're going green, you know, so we didn't need the plastic bag for the movie.

We sauntered down the sidewalk and entered the grocery store --- Where we were greeted by an armed security guard!!! Is milk really that high now? Maybe there's a rush on the green beans on aisle three on Monday nights now. No, it must be the maple syrup. That was on our list but the teeny-tiny bottles started at $9.56. Ridiculous! DJ will just have to suffer with another brand until I can make it into the large box store later in the week.

So we were ready to find our dessert. I showed JJ the name brand cartons of ice-cream and pointed out they were buy-one-get-one-free. How can you pass up buy-one-get-one-free! That just wouldn't be American and we are approaching the fourth of July. (Happy Canada Day to our friends up north, by the way....)

Thankfully, the time had come to check out. Although we were in the express lane, there was an "issue" --- I often end up behind those customers. Curious. We loaded up our stuff and I couldn't find my discount card. Oh, dear. Well, the oh-so-convenient credit card swiper asked for my phone number if I'd rather use that than my frequent shopper coupon card. "How easy!" I thought. "Your number is invalid Ma'am," she said. "No, it's not! I've had this card for twenty years." She asked for the number again. "Your number is invalid ma'am." Before I could say another word, she'd pushed some button and was handing me cash back and had circled a number for me to call to straighten out my "issue."

Walking out, I saw JJ carrying the two plastic bags loaded with the two frozen ice-cream cartons, a half-gallon of milk, butter pecan syrup and a gift bag. And I still had the large insulated Hawaiian themed shopping bag from Trader Joe's with the one DVD inside. We laughed all the way to the car. I, of course, was laughing at my silly bag and JJ was just laughing at me. Somehow these things always happen when we go to the store together. As the commercial says, "Priceless."


Linda said...

You know, if you tried to write everyday life into scripts, people would say, "Nah. That doesn't happen all that often." And yet it so does! To answer your question about the DL Moody quotation, didn't you know I own all the rights to anything DL ever said?! Ha. Go ahead. Isn't that a great quote?

Grace said...

I think Linda's profile photo is the best I've ever seen....


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I thought I was the only one to get behind a customer with an issue. It's usually when I've ventured to the store with three kids though. :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

$10 for milk? Are you kidding me? Buy a cow for heaven's sake! Thanks for sending readers my way today.

Great "game" pic on sidebar.


Kentucky Bound said...

and when it's all said and done, years from now when J.J. is pushing you down the hall of "the home" in your Miss Piggy pink wheelchair, neither of you will remember the price of the milk, or the name of the DVD, but you'll both recall the day you carried the all but empty Trader Joe insulated bag . . . which by the way is still in use and hanging from the back of the wheelchair discreetly holding your emory board, a handfull of napkins from your last trip to McDonald's - afterall tissues are expensive! - and of course your "emergency" pair of Depends - while JJ carried the groceries in those toxic plastic bags.

Blessings and hugs!