Lazy Days

It's a gorgeous day here today. The sprinklers were going full force first thing this morning. They always seem to wake me up with a "Hello Miss Grace. Hope you have a wonderful morning today!" The sunshine on the grass makes you want to kick off your slippers and play. And not too far away from here there's a gorgeous beach or two. That's where you'll find me as much as possible the next few months, so I may be posting a bit less. So please don't worry - I'm still here in Sunny; I'm just foreseeing being a bit busier with some other stuff. Fun stuff. Good stuff.

JJ started his summer job today and we'll have to have some ice cream for dessert to celebrate. I have a small suspicion dinner may be the extent of his entertainment tonight....he's going to be a busy guy at his new job. And that's good. Hard work is good for one's constitution, eh!

Now Max --- he keeps very busy also. Guarding and Protecting and...resting up for times when he may be needed to guard and protect. You never know when a stray bunny, kitten or hummingbird may dare enter our property! Right now he's quite busy resting up underneath this chair...


Anonymous said...

it's not quite warm enough here for sprinklers.. or at least to run through!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

It hit today. The reality bomb called summer. Four kids. Full force. Different needs, and lots of wants. I'm already over it, but God is pouring his grace into my life for the long haul.

I pray for it to be so much more than I imagine. We've got a lot of ground to cover with Jadon this summer, and I hope for the wisdom and patience needed to see him through.

Enjoy the sand. Life always seems sunnier on another coast!


Kentucky Bound said...

About the same time Elaine's reality bomb was hitting her, mine was hitting me. I have FIFTEEN days to finish packing, tie up all the loose ends, transfer prescriptions, say goodbye to everyone . . Oh, if my name were only Samantha so I could twitch my nose and everything would suddenly start taking care of itself . . . or Mary Poppins and I could sing a song and direct the pots and pans and dishes into their appointed boxes while dancing with the chimney sweep! But alas, I am but a simple mortal woman. But I am WOMAN! W-O-M-A-N! I can do this! I will survive!

So, dear friend, while you're getting a bit busier with your other stuff, fun stuff and good stuff, channel a little extra fun my way. I will live precariously through you!

Blessings and hugs!