Stuff Christians Like: #285. The lady worship leader.

I know, I know.... I can get in really big trouble with a post like this one. But some things are just far too good to not share.

Many of you are now devoted followers of Jon the Prodigal over at the Stuff Christians Like blogspot. It's tricky to find though, because he has that extra "f" in "stuff" on the actual name. So here's a link: Stuff Christians Like: #285. The lady worship leader. If your church uses, or has ever used a female worship leader, you will need two hankies for this post. And a pencil --- there's a quiz. All I can say is, "Oh my goodness!"

The content of this post could be the basis for a class at many Christian universities in my opinion. Even if you've never ever visited church or you're just taking a break because it's far easier to flip on your DVR of Joel Osteen, you will be amazingly wiser after reading this post. I'm not sure it is wisdom that matters, but as you know, I've been known to share useless information before.

But you will laugh. Guaranteed!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

We don't have a lady worship leader, but we span the spectrum on our worship team. They are all great people, but an odd mix at times. Their hearts are in the right place.

As for me, I'm hip to praise and worship, but when it comes to Sunday mornings, I'll stick with a rousing rendition of "To God be the Glory." What does that make me?


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Tag, you're it, Grace. :-)