Oh...the Weather Outside is Frightful

Everybody...join right in: "And the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go....Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

No dear friends, please don't assume I've lost my mind completely --- but I've just put on my cushy cozy velour lounging set and it's pretty cold in our house tonight here in Sunny. This is just not right! We always prepare for June gloom, which is gray and overcast, but this is ridiculous! Who can I write to? To whom shall we address our petitions? Oh, dear.

As you may be aware....yesterday was our California primary. We turned on the channel hosting the incoming election returns and watched for a while --- there was a young man running for congress that we saw at church once (he didn't win). Only a couple of items made it to the ballot; it was a pretty low key year for us. (We do live in a suburb and most of the 'hot' items were for those in the big metropolis next to Sunny.) So as the announcers were interviewing one city council member, here was JJs comment: "You know, every time I see that candidate, I think of the vultures from Jungle Book. Don't you Mom??" And he started to sing the vulture's theme song.... The silly thing is --- the candidate's face and hair actually does resemble those cartoons.

Maybe JJ should pursue a career in editorial comics. There has to be some promise of success, eh!


Kentucky Bound said...

I think our sons must be kindred spirits as well! That's exactly the sort of response I'd expect from Ryan!

Enjoy your snuggly velour jammies! It's been in the 90's with humdity near a gazillion - snowing white ash from a brush/swamp fire down the road a couple of miles. 13 days and counting!

Blessings & hugs!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Hi Grace! Yes, the weather has been crazy. Someone should tell the Global Warming folks that it's COOLING again. :-) I've been enjoying it because I don't like our routine 100+ degrees we usually get where we are.

I've been blessed with another award and I'm sharing with you.

sister sheri said...

I've been a bit "under the weather" due to the weather.... no sun... no motivation... help me, Lord!