So You Will Know

Last night we had our big summer kick-off party at church. I sat with three new friends. Ryan is 3, but will be able to hold up four fingers next month. Next to him were Emma and Emily, two gorgeous little girls with bright red hair. I was totally convinced that they were twins, due in part to one saying they are 15 hours apart. Later on I discovered that Emily lives next door to Emma's grandmother and that is how they became inseparable. Emma's favorite number is three-hundred-thirty-three. "That is just the coolest number ever."

As you may remember, I have lots of best friends. One of them is dear Laurie --- we met about 27 years ago. We too, were often thought of as sisters. Those things amaze me. One time we took a psychological assessment (the real kind, this was before the "What is your favorite Starbucks?" test....) and we came up with the exact same score and identical answers. I'm sure our psychology teacher thought we shared answers. But no, we were truthful.

As a grown-up (mostly) I truly cherish the variety of friends in my life. I'm glad we're not all identical, and I'm ever so glad for each one and the gifts they bring to my world. But I do need to find out their favorite numbers. I realized last night I'm not at all sure what mine is...


sister sheri said...

Okay, I just have to tell you that my favorite number is NOT "40"! (Hmmm... Would that have something to do with my age?)

Anonymous said...

oh, so sweet :o)
As for my favorite number?
How about 5? That seems good to me.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE This Post!!!

Grace said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are too kind.