Just a Wee Bit Jealous, Dad

Today is my dad's twelfth anniversary of his arrival in heaven.  I must confess, I miss him just as much as the day I said, "Goodbye."  But life goes on.

The changes in my life since then are astronomical.  JJ is no longer in middle school.  He's married to the beautiful Honey now.  He graduated from a great Christian university and Dad would be/is so very proud.

I'm a licensed minister now, although we traveled for years in ministry together as a family.  I hope Dad is able to see some of the fun I'm having and the work we're doing to help people. 

When I remember my dad, the first thing I see is his smile.  I can hear his laugh and feel the touch of his hands.  When I think of the joy he's experiencing now, it's hard to be o.k. with still being here.  Imagine having as much time as you want with your best friends from your entire lifetime ~ all together and no one is in a hurry.  No one cares about who got that new house, who lost their job or who is hurting or sick. 

Every tear is wiped away.  The light of our Lord brightens up the entire place.  I doubt anyone needs new quilts, but maybe they have them made up from all the good things they remember here on Earth.

Or maybe.  Just maybe... there are brand new things to celebrate.  I can't wait to find out what those things may be ~ or hold my dad's hand again.


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