Fun Friday

It's been a lovely day here in Sunny.  The atmosphere was a bit like the north side of Birmingham (West Midlands, not Alabama) when I left the house for an early run to Starbucks.  But by mid-day I was certain I was still living in warm Southern California and nowhere near the Lake Country...

I often miss the clouds of my far-away vacation village.  We have a dear family friend who lives there and it was always so fun to pop in for a week when I was young and carefree.  Dad's favorite part of visiting there was taking a walk to the grocery store every afternoon about 4pm.  It didn't matter if we needed groceries or not ~ a trip to market would always put a smile on his face. 

I compared those trips to my stop in at the Big Box store this afternoon.  Ever-so-joyful when I pulled in to perfect parking spot #3, I knew the Lord had blessed me greatly.  After the mile or so put on my pedometer in the store, I returned to perfect parking spot #3.  Let's just say this, I learned a few new colorful words from the two gals fighting over who would move into pps#3 when I left it.

Can someone please put in a market on the corner just down the street from my house?  Please?  Or maybe, just maybe, I can take a week to visit Uncle Derek soon and bring home a bunch of radishes, some cucumbers, watercress and a can of ham.  A cold supper would fit the bill quite nicely tonight.

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