French Pastries

A new friend on Twitter, actually we have many mutual friends so it seems like I've known him for years... posted that he was in Paris today enjoying a Pain au Chocolat.  He was probably sitting in a cozy little cafe with a bowl of steaming coffee, as well.  Probably listening to a cacophony of languages and perhaps watching an artist paint on the sidewalk, too.

I tweeted back that Pain au Chocolat was one of heaven's best gifts and encouraged him to enjoy it.  I didn't tell him I was hugely jealous and wished I could pop on a plane in an hour and join him.  Some things just don't come across properly tweeted for the whole world to see.

To brighten my morning as best I could I stopped in at the closest Starbucks and ordered a tall Pike's Place with a chocolate croissant - warmed.

C'est la vie.  Mon Dieu - Il faut qu'on se parle...


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