Hi Sweetie!

Yes, I must be a regular now.  The gal at the local S'Bucks calls me Sweetie now.  Sometimes she calls me by name, but the Sweetie makes me smile.  I'm not sure if it's because it takes me awhile to order my skinny-minny-vanilla-spice-extra-whip latte or if I might, just might, look a little confused.

No matter what, it's nice to have someone greet you, isn't it.  We talked about that in our pastors meeting yesterday.  I mentioned the theme song to "Cheers" too.  Are you humming it now??  Thought so...

Hope you have a great day and know your name matters.  So do you.


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Jo Royal said...

Yes, thank you - I am now humming the theme tune!

I totally agree - it does make a huge difference when someone makes the effort to somehow say 'I remember you' - :)

I go into my Starbucks now and most of the Baristers have my order written down on the cup before I even get there! Which is great - until that day when I decide to go for something different!!

Thank you Grace for this :)