Drizzle, Drizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle

What is it about sizzling food that is so completely captivating?  We go to a restaurant that offers a "Fajita Salad" with all sort of lovely veggies and meat that you might find in a typical fajita.  But on top of cold lettuce with an olive or two, it simply isn't the same as that lovely meal of either beef or chicken ~ the fajita.  Just thinking of the restaurant can put the senses into overdrive.  The smell of roasting goodness steaming up out of the dish as it's carried through the restaurant aisles... O my.

I wonder if we will have a big fire pit in heaven.  I don't think God will want to remind us of hell when we're rejoicing for eternity, but I certainly hope we can enjoy an evening or two celebrating good things around a nice barbecue or grill.  Maybe it will be electronic.  No charcoal to clean up...


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