Holiday Smells

Ever walked by a candle that made you sick to your stomach, yet reminded you of happy days all at the same time?  That's happening to me this week. Our receptionist has a carmel latte apple delight candle on her desk and it's quite aromatic.

Scent is one of my strongest senses, including things from my childhood.  Baked beans take me back to my aunt's house on the fourth of July.  Slightly burnt grilled cheese sandwiches take me to my kitchen around age 9.  Meat patties crisping in a pan with the crunchy bits sizzling bring David Brinkley's voice from the CBS evening news right back to me.  Or perhaps he was with NBC; not sure...

I often wonder what smells will bring thoughts of me back to my son's memory when he is quite old.  Will it be lemon oil from cleaning house?  Probably not.  Chocolate chip cookie dough might do it.  Pecan pie ~ absolutely.  I hope he thinks of me when he takes in a big deep breath at the edge of the ocean or as he's starting a fire in the fireplace for his grandchildren.  Some days I wonder if I'll be able to stand behind him like the artist draws his family in the "Family Circle" cartoon. 

One day, we'll know.


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