Time's Up

Today I heard a story that is just too good not to share with you. As you know, or may not until right now...we have a preschool at the church where I work. The children are just adorable. There's not a better way to brighten your day than watching them for a few minutes here and there.

One of our pastors told me about seeing a little guy (age 2) at the end of his recess one morning. The teacher ~ a tall young man ~ had been supervising the children as they 'drove' their cars. Now, obviously, the cars were self propelled by their little legs and feet. It was time for lunch and they needed to go inside. "OK, everybody park your cars now." All the kids put their cars in the parking lot on the side of the courtyard except for one little guy who drove it right to the teacher's feet. He got out and was scampering away. The teacher reminded him, "Hey, buddy, you need to park your car!"

"Aren't you the valet?" he asked in total sincerity.

Happy Tuesday!


Cindy said...

This is so cute. The things our children 'catch' from our lives.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

OK...too precious! If you want to "hear" your coastal, southern friend's voice, come over to the blog today for a pitiful video accordingly.


Beth E. said...

I love it! Thanks for staring my day with a good chuckle. :o)

sister sheri said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Sharon said...

LOL- thanks for sharing!

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Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Well, was he the valet?? or did the little guy have to find his own spot?

Too funny. :)