Oh...it is so very beautiful here in Sunny today. To those of you in foreign spots with rain, clouds or thunder...I'm sorry. There's just something amazing about bright sunshine and the crispness of autumn. It makes you want to turn on college football to listen to the band for team's you've never even heard of or intend to watch them play again. And apples ~ you want to buy apples even if you're more of a chocolate pie person.

For me, this season takes me back to childhood days and the Oklahoma State Fair. The Oklahoma City State Fair always happened the last two weeks of September. The Tulsa State Fair was always just a week or so later. And yes ~ even when I was a little girl I would snicker to think about the situation of having two entirely separate State Fairs. Is it the State Fair or not?

1965 at the real State Fair


Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny,
I miss you...

Cindy said...

Apples! You live in CA ~ Do you ever go to Apple Hill in the fall and just absorb it all? The apple pies, apple butter, apple jelly, apple everything! And then all the crafty booths and fun little places to stop.
The memories and making me crave it all. I don't live in CA anymore and I think it is one of the things I miss most.

Have a great day.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Same smile...even all these MANY years down the road!