I Promise, I Won't

It seems about once a week I arrive at the merging spot going into the village and find myself behind a school bus at the light. This area takes a few minutes of our time for us to get on our various ways. Yesterday I noticed a warning on the back of the bus. It was in white paint posted on the bumper right below the emergency exit door:

Do Not Lift By Bumper
OK, I promise, I will not do this. Ever.


Sharon said...

LOL. That's good! I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself! ;)

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sister sheri said...

You just never know... do you?

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Grace..
Please come over to my blog there are two awards I want to share with you. I enjoy being a part of the prayer team with all of you at Beloved Mama Prays.

God Bless Lorie