Lots of Love

This is my good friend. Nope. Not good friend. He's much more dear than that. He's family~for sure. It's our dear Derek. He lives too far away. But a couple of years ago, he and his lovely daughter, Jayne, came to visit us and we took in a few shows at the Marine Park near Sunny. Jayne was quite concerned about someone falling in the large water tank, but not Derek...He knew all along it was a 'plant.' He's just that sort of gentleman. He gets things.

Life's been a bit difficult for our dear Derek recently and I'm hoping that my amazing friends that stop in here at Grace Today will join me in praying for his speedy recovery and ask God to be with him and bless him as he heals from a recent surgery.

And the next time we make plans to go see the fishes and tour the seaside, we'll have cotton candy together right after a funnel cake with strawberries ~ because we'll just be that incredibly happy. I'll be sure to tell you all about it next Spring. Promise.

This is your hug from all of us, Derek!


Sharon said...

I said a prayer for Derek just now.

I simply wanted you to know I read your blog today. :0)

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Beth E. said...

Praying for your precious friend Derek. How fortunate we are that God places special friends in our lives who accept, encourage, and love us just as we are...and then challenge us to become even better, growing into the men and women of God we are called to be.

Derek's smile is contagious. Just looking at his picture brought a smile to MY face.

BE HEALED, Derek, in Jesus' name.

Praying for you, too, Grace.

Cindy said...

Oh MS Sunny~~~

Of course I will be praying for Derek.

I just love coming to your blog and receiving a lift.

sister sheri said...

Add me to the prayer team!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Will definately pray for him. Let us know how the funnels are!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

My goodness...he looks like Jack Palance! Praying for precious Derek tonight.


Amy said...

Prayers for Derek!