Thoughts on "The Shack"

This post is in response to a question from a fellow blogger, Connie. Yes, I'm reading "The Shack." I tried to post a comment on your blog and couldn't quite get it on there (please refer to my Patience, Patience blog...). So here goes....

I am a bit more than halfway through this amazing little book. I don't know how the story resolves yet, but the journey as shared by the author, William P. Young, is painful, yet beautiful all the same.

Several times while reading this, I've had a memory come to mind that brings me comfort, peace and sweaty palms, all at the same time. As a child I had a copy of a famous painting of two children crossing a bridge which was about to collapse. They were unknowingly guided by the most beautiful Guardian Angel. (You can find it online, but I didn't feel right about copying it here.) Anyway....back to my childhood....I always knew the children would be all right, they would make it across, but it just plain made me nervous every time I looked at it. I didn't share that feeling with my mother until I was grown and that was with a flippant comment of some sort while we were discussing other matters of great importance, as I recall.

Regardless....I think this story brings out some very important truths related to this and I'm trying to finish the tale quickly. What important truths? Well.....that we can trust God, He does know where He's taking us, we'll get there in His time and He will be with us - always. Someday we'll understand why we had to make so many stops and there were so many bumps, shaky spots and detours along the way.

But until then, it's awfully hard not to get sweaty palms once in a while.

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Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

Wow,, Interesting...I cannot wait til you read the rest of the book... because you are on the mere appetizers of the course.

I'm now trying to read, So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore? .. it's in the end of the book.. it's great..it's not dogging going to church by any means.. but questions pomp and circumstance of a lot of what we do...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts... it means a lot to me.. because I have so LOVED the book.. I know there will be mixed feelings but that is sure ok... if all didn't accept Jesus, I wouldn't think I would be any different in getting HIS information out there...