Are You Really Home?

It's been a very long weekend. DJ went to the mountains for a few days and Max has been traumatized. Additionally, it rained a lot! Max has this thing with rain....he's petrified. We have leaves that fall on our family room and goodness knows - they must have read Chicken Little to him every day at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. So as the rain fell, Max stayed far far away on the other end of our house, and only came out to see me when he heard the microwave beeping or the refrigerator door open.

Back to the story. This weekend's adventure was not purely Saturday and Sunday, but, can you believe it, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday nights and then....DJ stayed to ski on Monday too, so he kept Max waiting until almost midnight!

It's just hard to express the joy that Max exhibits when he sees one of us after a time apart. There's the jumping, kissing the earlobes, running around in circles, more jumping, more kisses wherever possible, more circles and then snuggling as close as humanly, I mean, doggily, possible for hours!

A good friend has said that he believes God has given us puppies to show us an example of worship. They give us unconditional love and joyous exuberance, we work and play together, and in our house - we provide him with safety from falling leaves with tons of snuggles thrown in to boot! My friend has a good point.

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Anonymous said...

You have no idea how excited I am for you after our phone conversation!!! It gives me hope and peace to know that God's way is always best and His timing always perfect!!!!!