Love Is In the Air

Happy Valentine's Day! I trust you will be whisked away with romance unending, or at least get to visit your local Home Town Buffet.... Regardless, eat dessert. That's one of the rules for today. Chocolate, cherries and/or sugar cookies must be consumed with a happy heart!

I thought I'd introduce you to another person in our world today. Here's a photo of JJ and "Honey." I haven't checked with her to find out how she'd like to be known on this blog, so for now - let's stick with "Honey." JJ thinks she is just delightful and DJ and I do too. Last summer, we visited Disneyland and found this charming little spot in Fantasyland.

We had an interesting day there last time. The lines were short; we walked right on to most attractions and had a great day. Oddly, many of the rides stopped while we were on them. This turned out to be a good thing as I was able to get photos right in the middle of Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, the Jungle Cruise and the Matterhorn! What are the chances!

I think Walt Disney is one of my favorite people. Can you imagine Valentine's Day without Lady & the Tramp, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Mickey-n-Minnie, Ariel or the rest of our favorite animated love stories? I think I'll pop in Lady & the Tramp while I'm mixing the sugar cookies. And picking out which place to suggest for spaghetti later....

With Love,


Beloved MaMa said...

I know you
I walked with you once upon a dream...
so sweet <3

Beloved MaMa said...

Thanks for the encouragement with RFKC!!!! I remember starting the RFKC journey with YOU and D several years ago!!!! Perhaps the SDFA team was the best ever!!!! I've only been able to help on the homefront...but I was always excited to see you, D, Grandpa N, Reese and everyone work together for such an amazing ministry!!! You are an inspiration and I look forward to the music you will be helping with in 09 :0)