Poor Guy

Did anyone see the kid faint today? He was with a group of young teens standing behind Gov. Schwarzenegger. As the host was speaking, with the television cameras rolling, this brave young man just whoop-dee-doo passed out. Our beloved governor was jolly on the spot and helped him to the concerned family members in the audience. Apparently, the boy told Gov. Schwarzenegger it was all caused by global warming. Cute.

A smiliar thing happened to me once. I was twelve and singing with a youth choir 'on tour' in a small church in Oklahoma, Stroud or somewhere... All I remembered was clapping along with the best of Andrae Crouch, smiling at my dad on the front row and then wow-eee, "Why am I sitting in a pew and all these people are praying for me??" Oh the joys! Nothing like being twelve or so and the center of attention when you least expect it!

Our son, JJ (we don't have any other sons, just Max), comes in tomorrow. Hopefully he will bring along the family's lone digital camera and then I'll be able to show you our camellias in bloom, the new bathroom DJ just finished, and our lovely sunshine on the patio. Until then, "I've gotta keep on singing. I've got to keep on shoutin' it out - and tell the whole world that Jesus saves!" You'll understand if you sang in youth choir in the 70s....


sister sheri said...

Camelias... sunshine... please take photos!

Anonymous said...

oh my!