Love, Love, Love

The excitement of Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. The Charlie Brown special was on last night - I've taped it for later viewing. Excuse me - I've DVR'd it for later viewing.... We must keep up with the times, eh! There will be all sorts of romantic movie options on this week and the florists have all kicked in to top gear. The chocolate and jewelry stores ads will bombard us.

Lately, I've been thinking how difficult this time would be if you had a spouse far away, perhaps serving in the effort overseas somewhere. Additionally, how hard it must be for my friends who are Single Moms. Each one who is part of my life is doing an incredible job of being there for their kids. Their circumstances and geographic locations are all different, but the loads they carry are quite similar. They have to be the Nurturers, Tough-Love Givers, Disciplinarians, Fun Providers, Cooks, Dog-Walkers, Girl-Scout/Boy-Scout/Royal Ranger/Missionette Leaders, Team Moms, Costume Designers, Shoppers, House-Cleaners, etc., etc., etc. And they all have to answer "Why?" or "Why not?" far more often than I can imagine.

So this year I have a proposal.....when we're out buying cards for our kids to take to their classes, baking our espresso brownies and finding just that right gift for our husbands or wives, lets all do something nice for a Single Mom or Military Spouse we know. And this is one time I don't think it should be anonymous. Let's let our Heroes know we're proud of them! What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions?


xrayangel said...

You are such a blessed friend to me...as a single mom friend to you...thank you for remembering us -- God has given you such a tender heart for others and I am thankful for your constant reminders that I am loved by God and my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea Grace!

Anonymous said...

Good idea :)
You might check this site out

sister sheri said...

Thanks for the challenge! I'll let you know how it turns out.