Soakin' in the Sun

This little guy lives at SeaWorld in San Diego. He starred in a national television commercial a few years ago and now, he gets to greet his fans on a regular basis. I wonder if he realized he was seen my millions of people on Super Bowl Sunday a few years ago. He was the star in the commercial. And he's just adorable!

When we visited there recently, we were lucky enough to have a day full of sunshine and able to see the Clydesdales on parade. I guess they do that regularly, but we hadn't seen it before. Although this little guy had starred in their commercial, he stayed behind and just watched through the fence. Some days, I can really relate to this little Buddy. He's right in the middle of a fantastic theme park, everyone is happy, there's a hustle and bustle all around him; yet he plods along trying to find the best spot of sunshine in which to stand.

I met a friend today for coffee at Panera (yes, I saw three people in front of that little island...) and we were discussing the status of involvement in churches by the laity (as well as many other matters of great importance, of course). If you're part of a local church body, I hope you'll join me in wanting to find your spot in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the parade, so to speak. Let's leave the soakin' up the sunshine to the little donkeys.* Sounds like that's a win/win situation.

*This post is political innuendo-free; please rest assured nothing improper should be applied.

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