A Mystery Someone

Rarely am I truly curious...but it's just the sweetest mystery. I've been working at a church for about a month now and last week the mystery began... Every day I'm greeted with a single fresh rose on my desk. Now, the church has a beautiful rose garden, so the flowers have probably been cut from there. But I must confess ~ my heart is smiling.

I've been more of a sticker person myself. I've given people stickers every once in a while just to brighten their days. But this may be motivating me to have a change of heart. Even if a sticker is scratch-n-sniff, it will not cause your soul to smile too often. But roses...well. That's the stuff of great novels and love sonnets.

And honestly, who doesn't need a little more love in their Tuesday.


Beth E. said...

Congratulations on the new job...that's wonderful!

How wonderful to have fresh roses on your desk. That would definitely make MY day! But then again, so would Harry & David's chocolate truffles...just sayin'. ;-)

beloved Mama said...

awe, that IS sweet :)

elizabeth embracing life said...

That is truly a special touch to your day. Once I had a friend hide smiley face napkins in every corner of my house. I still find one, ten years later.

sister sheri said...

Yeah! What joy!

Laura Miles said...

In high school, my daughter and a couple of her friends used to secretly leave packages of Top Ramen on people's doorsteps (can't explain why!). It became quite an honor to have been "ramen-ed! I'm sure the roses smell better!