Find Your Strongest Life

Ok friends... this book is written for women. When our daughter-in-love saw it, the first thing she said was, "A book for women on how to live, written by a man." Hmm, I thought. Interesting observation.
I found the first chapter to read a bit slow, but also found that with each subsequent chapter I became more and more intrigued with Marcus Buckingham's research and observations. He has studied what makes people happy and happy with or without success for many, many years.
When I reached the halfway point of the book, I went online and took the Strong Life Test (which was free, by the way). AMAZING! That's just about the only thing I can say. Both the primary result and the secondary result for how I'm put together were dead-on accurate. Sort of scary accurate, honestly.
If you're looking to achieve more with less stress in your life, I really hope you'll pick up this book. It's just out this week and is a fairly quick read. Doing life better... who doesn't want that!

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