It's Autumnishy Here!

We may have to break down. We're looking for the matches and the fireplace is ready. The logs are waiting in the box out in the garage for this momentous event. Tonight is the night... It's fall. We shall have a fire in the fireplace.

The pot roast is in the slow-cooker, it's Monday which means nothing else but "Monday Night Football." Honey and I are preparing mashed potatoes and we may even do up some gravy.

Life is so good in our house here in Sunny tonight. Yet I struggle when I think of the song I'm working on for a service in the near future. The video shows the homeless and the despair in which they live. Life is good here for us. And sometimes, that makes me cry.


Beth E. said...

A fire sounds wonderful...I miss having a fireplace!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I know how you feel about those without. I keep trying to teach that to my children about how fortunate we are. They don't seem to get it. I don't think I did at that age either. Still trying though. Enjoy that fireplace. :)