Life at Warp Speed

It's been a momentous weekend. Honey and I were at the Big Box store and I caved. We spent a few minutes looking at the new phones as it was time for an upgrade.
Does anyone speak Verizon Ozone?
O my goodness! I feel so very blond and so very frustrated. It's a beautiful device and promises to know when my laundry is ready to move from the washer to the dryer and when to add the softener to boot. There are buttons for muting, calling by simply speaking, speaker-phoning (which is a personal irritant) and checking online activity at every possible time one could imagine.
It came with two DVDs and they both have been loaded on my computer. I've figured out how to dial, how to charge it, and how to pull up a website. I took notes Sunday morning during the sermon. It was far easier once I figured out how to type numbers, too. But other than that...well, if you leave me a message (either texted, e-mailed, spoken or in French) trust me, there are no guarantees that it will be retrieved. JJ was able to load my e-mail and connect the data from my home computer - all 1, 432 messages. But then they quickly disappeared. Such a mystery.
I'm waiting for a good three hour time space to devote to ringing up the tech support from Verizon. I hope I get their office in California or Kansas. I most assuredly plan on asking for another blond to assist me.


Beth E. said...

Oh, Grace...good luck with Verizon! Our church's DSL is through their company. I spent 3 hours with them last week. Not fun...not fun at all!

Anonymous said...

I also use Verizon. The "crackberry" I purchased caused me much duress at first. However, I have learned to manage my social life: twitter, facebook, gmail, etc. from a single device. After many frustrating days on the learning curve, I have grown to be very attached to my pink blackberry!!! Enjoy my friend!