"Called To Worship"

I'm sure some of you wonderful readers of Grace Today have no interest in a book about worship. If that's the situation, maybe you'd like to scan back a year or so and find one of my best "Big Box" stories about the frozen chicken. No guilt will be placed upon you whatsoever!
But if you spend a major part of your life pondering things like, "What is the purpose behind worship?" "Does God care if I raise my hands in church?" "Why do they have to sing that song one more time - O please let them stop right now God ." Then this book is for you.
It's not an easy quick read. It's far more a reference book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author's in-depth analysis of the why and when and "just becauses" of our worship life and relationship with God are amazing. It's full of biblical references and could easily be used as a textbook for a college course on music or worship. Note, I said "or." Music and worship can be considered the same thing, but they aren't necessarily identical.
Although "referency" most Christian adults will have their understandings of worship theology deepened through reading this book. There is much more to the concept of praise and worship than simply remembering to put your white hanky in your bag and pull it out to wave when you feel a "Hallelujah" comin' on. But thank goodness, there is a time for waving your hanky!


Beth E. said...

Okay...I'm the first to admit that I have a difficult time settling in to read a book if it's a reference book. BUT...I'd love to know what is said regarding the question, "Why do they have to sing that song one more time - O please let them stop right now God ." I have to confess, I've been guilty of thinking that on occasion! ;-)

Have a great weekend, Grace!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You're a hoot...

I think I would like this one.