Not Exactly Sunny

We had a wonderful treat over the past weekend. DJ needed some time on the mountain and we loaded up in the wagon and headed north. Not quite to Alaska ~ but fairly far away.

The ride up was sunny, and then on Saturday afternoon this mysterious little covering of powdered sugar started falling all over the tiny town. It was amazing! Everywhere we went we saw little bits of it. And then...on Sunday morning we awoke to pillows of it all over the place!

It truly was a delightful weekend. We didn't do anything much of great importance, but sometimes that can be the most important thing to do.

Max was very glad to see us when we returned home...but that story will be saved for another day. There is only so much joy one can put in a single post...


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a creative God to think up snow...even in Sunny! I just love his imagination.


Beth E. said...

Beautiful! Don'tcha love it when you're forced to do nothing?! Now that's my kind of weekend! :o)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Looks like my neck of the woods. Although most of ours has melted in the rain lately. We spent 4 months looking like that though. How fun to have such a relaxing weekend.