Beautiful, but No Aroma

Ah, yes...it's springtime here in Sunny. We are blessed to have a few of these beautiful camellia bushes ~ trees? I'm not sure what they are, but the flowers are spectacular! We have three of them in the same area as this one, right on the front side of our home. I often say it rains more on one side of our house than the other...this is the rainy side.

We have another bush right by our front door. It's not doing quite so well. The leaves are sparse and the blossoms started out quite pale. They're up to a pale pink and starting to bloom in the deep red again.

I want to be part of the tree that has the deepest roots and the healthiest foliage. But unlike these beautiful blossoms, I want it all... I want to have the sweet aroma of the most blessed flowers in the Garden.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful...and full of, "Miracle-Grow,"....grins!


Anonymous said...

sometimes it takes a little rain to bring out the beauty within our souls... God is good...

Beth E. said...

Beautiful flowers!

I want it all, too. :o)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Me too...I want it all.

How goes it since, well, since "it" happened? How are you holding together? Would love an update as time allows.

Thinking of Sunny from my sunny in NC.


sister sheri said...

Yes, yes, yes! Beauty... deep roots... healthy foliage... sweet aroma... and plenty of SUN!

elizabeth embracing life said...

This has been a splendid week for the signs of Spring. I love your rosy flowers. I never know what those things are called, just that they look rosy pink and beautiful.