Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I know, I know...he was a pagan and there's all that stuff about the early religion of Ireland and I haven't fully researched the life of our dear Saint... But the point of this post is to say, "Enjoy the day!" Grace Today does not intend to support or encourage you to go out and be completely crazy ~ drinking until the wee hours ~ or cavorting mindlessly with strangers in the street. However, our wee little family has always had fun with this holiday.

When JJ was young, at least until last year, St. Patrick would always find a way to turn our gallon of milk green before breakfast. We'd often have green pancakes, green eggs or oatmeal. I truly am a bit Irish (aren't we all on this day?) and celebrating life is one of the best Irish traits.

I'll try to find a green ribbon to add to Max' collar. I'll do my best with the corned beef for dinner. We may listen to Celtic music during dinner, as well. We'll probably listen to it until DJ sighs deeply and says, "Do we have to listen to those fiddles much longer?"

And at some point, I'll remember watching my dad kissing the Blarney stone...and I'll send him a wink through the clouds. I'm quite certain he'll wink back.

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Beth E. said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too! My great grandparents came to this country from Dungarvin, Ireland. I have a wee bit o' the Irish in me self! *snicker*

I'm concerned that if I drank/ate all of that green that I might end up a little green around the gills!

Guess what? Those ol' rain clouds finally left our area! After days and days of rain, it is finally Sunny here in SW Virginia!