I Don't Think So....

As promised, here it is. The story of Max and his long weekend.

We'd made arrangements for a house-sitter. He's one of JJ's friends. He came to visit last Thursday for some play time to gain Max' trust. We showed him the microwave, the garage code, the famed snack drawer, and of course, Max' treat cupboard.

Apparently, Max was being friendly on Thursday because his mama was home.

Apparently, Max was not happy that his dad had loaded up the car with those long sticks and jackets and big shoes.

Apparently, Max does know how to growl.

Apparently, Max did not want to play chase or keep away with the touch-down towel.
Apparently, Max preferred solitude.
It was a long, long, long weekend for both Max and our friendly house-sitter. Sometimes, things are just not right until Daddy's home...and the reunion was full of jumping, dancing and kisses for a half-hour or so until Daddy said he needed a shower from all the "kisses."


Beth E. said...

Max growling??? Oh, say it ain't so! LOL

Poor puppy...he really missed his mommy and daddy! :o)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Honestly, who needs the guilt?! I hope your mothering ego hasn't been too bruised.

Poor Max.


elizabeth embracing life said...

Oh Max, so like one of my boys. I had to leave for along weekend of business, and my husband, who is terrific with his boys, took care of them. Eric would have nothing to do with him, and then punished me when I returned by not wanting me for a good half day. These boys know what makes them happy and safe.