Oh Dear!

Error of errors, I believe my math may have been off. This may, in fact, be post #201. I've taken a few posts off before they hit the airwaves, and the counter on the dashboard is truly not accurate. Regardless ~ it's a day to celebrate. 200 or 201, that's a lot of Grace Today. Far more than I ever thought would keep your interest, most certainly.

To start the festivities, I stuck in a pan of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. DJ will not be happy when he returns home, as these are fully empty calories. But the aroma! Ah, yes, now that contributes to a happy home. The next event of the morning was checking in with my beloved Laughter Support Group. I reached one of them, and hope to get in touch with all of them to share the good news of "Post 200 or 201." Hopefully their dancing will not get them in trouble, as their employers do not find dancing to be a sanctified activity. Well, unless it is, of course, choreographed stage movement, but we'll leave that for another post.

Max and I had a Fun Friday moment on the patio. The Friday part involved me trying to brush him before I began vacuuming the house. The Fun part was his efforts to evade said brush. He's very skilled at that, I must confess.

We may take a drive to the lake at lunchtime, or perhaps go through the drive-in window at In-N-Out. I love In-N-Out, but it reminds me of A&W and how very cool that try was that they stuck on your window with all the amazing food that was so terrible for you. Imagine how empty those calories were!

The sun is beautiful here in Sunny today. My condolences to all of you in Nebraska, Missouri and Wisconsin. The rest of you are probably fine, at least I hope you've got electricity and heat on this January morning. As I pondered these words, I began to imagine all of you sitting in front of your computers. One year ago I started this silly little blog just for fun. In return, I've been welcomed into your lives. You are all such dear friends now. We may meet at a conference somewhere. We may not meet until Heaven. Regardless, you're family and welcome to join me on my patio any sunny day. Thank you for your encouragement, support and laughter.

I suppose I should get ready for a trip to the Big Box store. Post #202 will most likely be prompted there.


Beth E. said...

Whether it's 200 or 201, congratulations are in order! Just so you know...sanctified or not...I did a little happy dance right here in front of my computer...just for you. :o)

Our dog, Blondie, hates to be brushed. If we even pretend to reach for the brush she runs and hides! lol

The weather in Sunny sounds wooooonderful! It's cold here, but we do have electricity.

Hope your day was a great one!

Beth E.

sister sheri said...

Grace, so sorry I missed the big day! Especially those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls... although I tend to eat more of the dough than I actually cook... it does smell delicious... I think I'll run out and get some! It's been a great 200 or 201 posts... either way... congratulations!