No Luck

We had a birthday in the family this week. It was the honored Papa and our celebration was delightful. JJ phoned during our dinner with them and Papa was very happy to hear from him. Family times are so special.

But I've already digressed from the desired intent of this post. Alas. The theme was to be the silliness I observed ~ yet again ~ in a shopping experience...

As DJ was browsing through each rack of greeting cards for family members; I took off to find the source of the ever-so-irritating repetitive five tone sound. I was able to locate it. Stupid thing! It was coming from a box of music-making-valentine-heart-candy.

After I hid the highly annoying candy box under some blankets, I came across a display of ceramic planters filled with seeds inside their closed lids. They were quite dainty and delicate, engraved with names and the meaning of the names, as well. I'm sure you've seen this sort of display in the greeting card stores or 7 - 11. Occasionally you'll find a "blank" one in the racks. This assortment topped the cake, so to speak. At first glance, I thought you could special order one with a unique name. But no! They had an entire row of little clay pots that said (in the lovely ornate artwork) "They didn't have your name" How grand that would that make you feel! Imagine!

For the past few months, I've been working on a project for my special friends at Royal Family Kids' Camps. We've put together the music for all of the camps to use this year. Halfway through, the recordings will play "He Knows My Name." I sincerely hope each camp director will request that song to be sung at bedtime each night.

A high majority of kids attending these camps for neglected children have names that are unfamiliar, spelled differently or such. They may never find a plastic cup, mini-license plate or keyring with their names on them at the zoo, Universal Studios or 7 - 11. But they will leave Royal Family Kids' Camps hearing about how God knows their name and He is working on some special pottery...


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Except for my Nick, I can never find my kids names (at least spelled correctly) on anything. Thank heavens, God's got their names correct and written down! I can't even imagine the voice of my Creator speaking mine. A lovely thought as I head off to bed.

Happy week to you.

elizabeth embracing life said...

I have thought many times what it will be like for Ethan to hear for the very first time, his name spoken by Jesus. I asked him what he thinks it will sound like and he think a soft whisper.