It looks like I should begin a countdown... This is post #198. I haven't really been keeping track, but #200 should warrant a celebration of some sort. Perhaps Max and I can go to the lake, feed some ducks and I'll declare, "Happy 200th post!" to all the ducks who reside in Sunny. Or if it's raining (as it is today) I suppose I could go down to the local cupcake bakery and ask for a red velvet with extra sprinkles. They probably don't personalize them with sayings. I will be sure to take photos of any celebrations that occur. That's only fair, isn't it!

I'm off to a goodbye celebration for a dear friend today. She's retiring and leaving town all in the same month. (Just writing those words makes me feel horribly old.) She is, however, a gorgeous blond who appears to be about 32. It is hard to say goodbye to good friends. Even if they're going off to a wonderful new life and they're just as happy as can be ~ it still brings a little tear to the eye.

But until the celebration begins this afternoon, Max and I are just puttering. Fridays are so wonderful for that. A little laundry, a little bite of toast with honey, brewing a pot of strong tea, and chatting with a friend or two... Somehow, just somehow, I wonder if our family members in Heaven do the same thing on rainy days.


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Hope you celebrate with a yummy cupcake! That sounds wonderful. :)

My hubby is loving the return of Lost also. He's bummed though because we are leaders for our Wednesday night program at church. Oh the conflict of interest.

sister sheri said...

That cupcake does sound delicious. Wow! You've written 198 posts... amazing... the blog world... how God has brought us together and even having the opportunity to meet in person! Blessings, my sweet sister!

Anonymous said...

oh my- I do hope the celebration was fun- as for post number 201- Congrats!!!