Summer Fun

In spite of difficulties all around...sometimes you just need to take a break and grin. Recently JJ, Honey and I spent the day at one of those grin-maker spots. It's always nice to be with JJ and Honey and this was an especially nice time.

Next time you're feeling like you need a boost for your soul; I highly recommend taking a trip on the closest blue caterpillar. If you don't have one in your town, just pile your sofa cushions on top of you or around you and imagine...


sister sheri said...

Too cute...is this lately? You look a little cold?

Grace said...

Sister Sheri,

It was in May, but we were there Johnny-on-the-spot when it opened!


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Fun picture.
I spent the day at the fair and went on the tilt a whirl-oh boy am I not made for spinning rides anymore. I need to stick to easier rides like this one. :)